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Cosmetic dentistry.

Smile! Teeth Whitening is safe, effective - and can make you look years younger!

Teeth Whitening.

Our preferred system is 'At home' whitening.

The Home whitening system requires two short appointments with your dentist. At the first appointment your dentist will take some impressions of your teeth to enable them to construct custom made whitening trays for your mouth. The second appointment is arranged for your dentist to show you how to fit your trays and how much whitening gel to apply.

We recommend using your whitening trays every night for 10-14 days for approximately 1-2 hours before bed to achieve optimum whitening. The advantages of this system are its gentler - which means less sensitivity, it can be topped up for years to come to permanently achieve that whitening look.

Whitening is now very common and can be seen in many places from beauticians, hairdressers to your local shopping centre. However the practice of tooth whitening by anyone other than a GDC registered dentist is illegal and many have been successfully prosecuted.

Whitening will not affect crowns, veneers or fillings, so if you have any of these and are considering a whitening procedure you may wish to consult with your dentist first. The effects of tooth whitening are achieved in only a few week and results will normally last from 18 months - 2 years depending on diet and individual oral hygiene habits.

Some people can experience some sensitivity after bleaching. This is temporary and will not last. We provide a range of desensitizing products to help with this.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening
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